Summer Sunday Reggae Series

There’s always a giveaway with our reggae series.  We call it…


GET INKED by Mark Longenecker

Our reggae logo was designed from the mind of Mark.  He has an awesome backstory, read about it HERE  

A few years ago, we had a tattoo giveaway and the result was incredible.  We know we had to get him back to do this one since he drew the damn thing!

Be a part of the 2021 tattoo giveaway and register for your chance to get the BIRD from this years logo tattooed. 

Here’s the skinny: You must be 21+ to enter and/or win this contest because we aren’t going to call your parents to ask their permission. Winner will be announced on the last Sunday of the Summer Sunday Reggae Series, August 8th. We will contact the winner and then Mark and his team at Endless Summer Tattoo will work with you to schedule the pain session.

Tattoo will only feature the parrot – no words included.

Tattoo cannot be smaller than the size of an average male hand. Only offering for thigh or back of calf placement.

Enter To Win!